Thursday, January 16, 2014

Response to the 2013-2014 Oscar Nominations

Many are feeling the disappointment that I call "the year of the snub." Social media is filled with many comments reflecting this disappointment. Everyone listing the movie they wanted to see win: Emma Thompson(Saving Mr. Banks), Tom Hanks(Captain Phillips), Oscar Isaac(Inside Llewyn Davis), Joaquin Phoenix(Her), Oprah and Forest Whitaker(The Butler), Robert Redford(All Is Lost). All that tough competition left a lot of people out of the Oscars this year. I thought Coldplay would be nominated for Best Song too for "Atlas!" Movies with testosterone must be the choice of the Academy of voters, who are mostly white men! What do think of all this? I'm still planning to see some of the movies nominated.

The Oscar nominations have been announced. The nine nominated films for Best Picture, and the most nominated films are:

American Hustle (10 nominations)
Gravity (10 nominations) mostly in technical awards
12 Years A Slave (9 nominations)
Nebraska (6 nominations)
Captain Phillips (6 nominations)
Dallas Buyers Club (5 nominations)
Her (5 nominations)
Philomena (4 nominations)...
The Wolf of Wall Street (4 nominations)

The most noticed snubs are: Inside Llewyn Davis, The Butler and Saving Mr. Banks, which were not nominated for Best Picture.

More snubs: Idris Elba(Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom), Oscar Isaacs(Inside Llewyn Davis), Harrison Ford(42), which were not nominated in the acting categories.

Also left out: Fruitvale Station, Rush, The Great Gatsby

  Read the complete list of nominations on Wikipedia or go to:

 Peace, and Best Wishes, Ruben and Mike.